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Visedil KE22

VISEDIL KE22 Two-component polyurethane adhesive for wooden floors

VISEDIL KE22 is a structural adhesive of high quality, consisting of a bi-component polyurethane system (A + B), specific for bonding wood floors. It is distinguished by the following characteristics: low shrinkage, water free, absence of flammable solvents. This product is specific for gluing wooden floors on concrete, marble, abraded ceramic, etc. Also suitable for under floor heating systems.

Appearance of the base paste (component A): white thixotropic paste
Appearance of the hardener (component B): liquid caramel colour
Weight ratio of the mixture: 9:1 (comp. A 9 kg + comp. B 1 kg = 10 kg of final product)
Minimum application temperature: +12° C
Specific weight: 1,54 Kg / L
Pot Life: 60/70 min. at 25° C
Walkability after bonding: 10/12 h at 25° C
Waiting time for sanding: 3/4 days at 25° C

9 Kg PE bucket (component A), 1 Kg PE tank (component B)


Technical Sheet

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  • Industry and Building
  • Floor heating
  • Pre-finished and solid wood parquet

Not suitable

  • Outdoor
  • On wet surfaces
  • For sealing