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MA 2000

MA 2000 Two-component water paint for wooden floors

MA 2000 is a two-component paint water-based modified polyurethane resins specific for parquet coatingsubjected to high traffic. Available in semi-gloss and matte. Easy to apply, excellent coverage, high surface resistance and very valuable to the effect that creates the velvety finish. MA 2000 is also suitable for mixed cycles (on substrates with solvent), thanks to the grip. During the drafting shows the "wet look" typical of solvent-based products. Can be used in addition to the parquet for other wooden substrates such as skirting boards, beads, windows and wooden structures in general.

Appearance of the base resin (A): opalescent colorless liquid.
Appearance of the hardener (B): transparent oily liquid.
Viscosity A + B (Ford 4): 14 sec.
Gloss: Glossy Gloss 85, 30 Gloss Semi-gloss, matt gloss 15.
Type: aqueous dispersion of modified resin acryl-urethane.
Volume ratio of the mixture: 9:1 ​​(comp. A 9 l + comp. B 1 liter = 10 liters of final product)
Minimum application temperature: +12 ° C
Specific gravity: 1.04 g / ml
Pot Life: 80/100 min. at 25 ° C
Dust: 30 min. at 25 ° C
Traffic: 3/4 at 25 ° C
Waiting time for recoating: 4/6 h at 25 ° C

PE tank 9 liters (component A)
PE bottle 1 liter (component B)


Technical Sheet

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  • Industry and Building
  • Parquet and wooden support
  • For application by brush or roller

Not suitable

  • Outdoor
  • On non-absorbent surfaces
  • On metals materials