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TECNOVIL HD3 Vinyl acetate adhesive, hydro-resistant, for joinery

TECNOVIL HD3 is an special vinyl acetate adhesive suitable for bonding ,moisture-resistant, in accordance with EN 204/205 - D3 (ex DIN 68602 B3). In combination with 5% hardener ,PVL40 or CZ70 ,extensively satisfies EN 204/205 - D4 (ex DIN 68603 B4) regulations,after seven days from binding. It is used in areas with high waterproof requirements such as doors and windows, bathroom and kitchen furniture. It is a product suitable for hard wood floors and floating wood floors with prefinished three thin ply-layers.

Appearance: white liquid
Viscosity: at 25° C (ISO 2555) 12000-16000 cps
T. M. F.: + 4° C
PH value: at 25° C -2.5/3.5
Storage temperature: + 10° C
Temperature of the wood, glue and environment: 18/22° C
Open time: at 20° C 5/8 min.
Setting time:at 20° C 10/20 min.

PE Bottle 0,5 kg. - PE Bucket/Tank 10 kg. - PE Bucket/Tank 25 kg. - PE Tank 1000 kg.


Technical Sheet

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  • Industry and Building
  • Joinery
  • Parquet floating floor

Not suitable

  • Outdoor
  • On non-absorbent surfaces
  • Floor heating