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Visedil SM1

VISEDIL SM1 Silane adhesive for wooden floors

VISEDIL SM1 is a high-quality structural adhesive, single-component, modified polymer-based silane.
The low modulus of elasticity makes it suitable for gluing prefinished parquet. It is distinguished by the following characteristics: low shrinkage, water free, absence of flammable solvents, extremely low VOC content, with no CE/hazard label requirement. This product is specific for gluing wooden floors on concrete, marble, ceramic, porcelain, etc.. Particularly suitable for under floor heating systems.

Appearance: thixotropic paste in beige color.
Minimum application temperature: +12° C
Specific weight: 1.56 kg / L.
Pot Life: 60/90 min. at 25° C.
Walkability after bonding: 10/12 h at 25° C.
Waiting time for sanding: 3/4 days at 25° C.

15 kg PE bucket


Technical Sheet

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  • Green building
  • Floor heating
  • Pre-finished parquet

Not suitable

  • Outdoor
  • On wet surfaces
  • For sealing