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Primacril W

PRIMACRIL W Consolidating acrylic water for absorbent

PRIMACRIL W is a primer in consolidating the basis of a special acrylic resin in aqueous emulsion. It is distinguished by the following characteristics: high penetration of the support, excellent resistance to alkali, low emission of VOC exempt from EEC label. With two successive applications of PRIMACRIL W produces a strong reduction for humidity lifts. Specifically to be used with water-based adhesive vinyl and acrylic in laying hardwood floors and ceramic on cement, anhydrite, stone etc.. Also suitable for radian supports.

Appearance: opalescent colorless liquid.
Type:acrylic microemulsion.
Dilution: ready to use (possibly with water at 10% max).
Minimum application temperature: +12 ° C
Specific gravity: 1.15 kg / L
Pot Life: > 2 h at 25 ° C
Foot traffic after application: 3/6 at 25 ° C
Waiting time for recoating: 6/8 h at 25 ° C

PE tank Lt.10


Technical Sheet

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  • Green building
  • Inhabited places
  • For anti dusting treatment

Not suitable

  • Outdoor
  • For waterproofing
  • On non-absorbent surfaces