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MH UNI Single component high solid paint for wooden floors

MH UNI is an innovative single-component polyurethane paint for wood floors that replaces the traditional product in solvent with higher performance and lower environmental impact being formulated with a low content of volatile organic substances (VOC). Particularly suitable for floors subject to heavy abrasion (high traffic). Further advantages are at the application level since is a product with high fullness and may be sufficient even a single application to have good aesthetic results.

Appearance: transparent oily liquid.
Type: modified polyurethane prepolymers.
Ford 4 Viscosity: 20 sec.
Solids content: > 70%
Minimum application temperature: +12 ° C
Specific weight: 1.2 g / ml
Pot Life: 90 min. at 25 ° C
Foot traffic after the application: 36 h at 25 ° C

ME 5 liter or 10 liter drum


Technical Sheet

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  • Industry and Building
  • Parquet and wooden supports
  • For application by brush or roller

Not suitable

  • Outdoor
  • On non-absorbent surfaces
  • On metallic materials