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Idrosil A

IDROSIL A Consolidating mineral water to cement surfaces chalking

IDROSIL A is an aqueous solution of silicic salts, indicated for the consolidation base surfaces and cementitious substrates with poor consistency or chalking. It is distinguished by the following characteristics: high penetration, total absence of VOC, no residual odor. This product is also suited for bonding ceramic and parquet on supports radians. It is flanked to the exclusive use of glues and epoxy primers and / or cement.

Appearance: colorless transparent liquid.
Type: aqueous solution of inorganic silicic salts
Minimum application temperature: +12 ° C
Specific weight: 1.38 Kg / L
Pot Life: > 2h min. at 25 ° C
Foot traffic after the application: 6/8 at 25 ° C
Waiting time before installation: 5/7 days at 25 ° C

PE tank 10 kg


Technical Sheet

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  • Building
  • Inhabited places
  • For consolidation

Not suitable

  • Outdoor
  • For waterproofing
  • On non-absorbent surfaces