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Epoval W2

EPOVAL W2 Epoxy primer in water dispersion for anti-moisture treatment and rehabilitation of concrete slabs

EPOVAL W2 is a resinous bi-component system epoxy-based aqueous dispersion, specific for the remediation of dusting screeds and for the realization of barriers anti humidity on porous and absorbent. Given its nature is extremely powerful not only for cement concrete toppings but also cement of low porosity materials such as marble, granite and ceramic coated surfaces. Recommended as a hardener for screeds (load distribution layer) mechanically weak, not up to standard, to obtain a compound with adequate mechanical resistance. Specific treatment for waterproofing anti-damp against the residual moisture of the screed up to 3.5% measured with a carbide hygrometer.

Aspect of the base resin (component A): aqueous emulsion white color.
Aspect of the hardener (component B): aqueous emulsion beige color.
Ratio by weight of the mixture: 1:1 for 10 kg (5 kg component A + comp. B 5 kg = 10 kg of final product)
Density (A + B): 1.20 Kg / L
Pot Life: 80 min. at 25 ° C
Foot traffic after bonding: 10/12 h at 25 ° C
Drying time: at 23 ° C 50% RH 24-36 hours
Application: by brush or roller
Application temperature: +10 ° C to +28 ° C
Dilution: water (max 20%)

PE bucket Kg.5 or 10 (component A)
PE bucket Kg.5 or 10 (component B)


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  • Industry and Building
  • Inhabited places
  • Single coat treatment

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